Who, what, where?

The studio.

Created by Traverse City-based art director Lauren Maxwell, Northpoint Studio combines simple lines and bold colors into modern illustrations of Northern Michigan and beyond.

The illustrator.

Hi, I’m Lauren 👋. I’ve been a professional designer for almost 10 years and have spent the last few at a marketing agency that brought me up to Northern Michigan. Northpoint Studio is my own creative outlet (apparently I need a lot of those, Pup North is my other outlet) after spending my days designing for clients. When I’m not in front of my computer, I’m trying new recipes, hiking with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Barley, or hunting for Leland Blue. Thanks for stopping by!

Get in touch.

If you’d like to talk about a collaboration or commission, let’s get a beer or coffee… I’d love to talk with you, too!

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